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A Study in Pink

Robert greiner |

Great series

I've always been a sherlock holmes fan, so this show didn't have to work too hard to win me over. the acting is really good and the stories are great until the end. i'm not too thrilled with what sherlock did at the end of episode 1 but that's just a personal opinion. definitely not a waste of time by any means. i think this show sets the standard for all crime related tv shows.

Gypsygirl |

Completely entertaining

Creative story lines and two fine actors. a completely believable contemporary version of the famous fictional detective and his work.

Poppabear |

Brilliant updating of arthur conan doyle's original

Crisp acting, excellent staging, and a great script make this a mystery program to watch; the ways in which the writers have updated the original stories but kept the spirit intact is truly a joy to behold. those who don't know or haven't seen any previous sherlocks are in for a treat - and those who have will love seeing familiar plot threads revised for the 21st century though true to the spirit of the original.