ALASKA BEAR® Natural silk sleep mask & blindfold, super-smooth eye mask (One Strap)

Larry g. mapp |

My favorite mask!

This is my favorite mask because it blocks light perfectly and is extremely comfortable. the alaska bear mask also coexists easily with my cpap mask, a definite plus. this product does exactly what i hoped it would do--a definite 5 stars.

Amandalyn |

Sleep mask on steriods

I've had other sleep masks and none of them compare to this one. alaska bear's sleep mask is super soft and can adjust comfortably to your liking. it also blocks out light completely. this was a great buy and i highly recommend to others if you want a goodnight's sleep.

Gifts that keep on truckin' |

Not afraid of the dark!

A soft sleep mask that blocks out the strobe effect of the wife's all-night tv binges. now if they only made earplugs this comfortable. sigh. if you can't sleep, don't keep those you love awake too - give this mask to show you care.