Brand : Anthony Doerr

All the Light We Cannot See: A Novel

Beth f |


A little slow to start but mesmerizing once it grabs you. i recommend it for a good summer read. end

Mm |

One of the best books i have ever read

One of the best books i have ever read...doerr has a way of describing things in vivid detail, the reader could be blind and imagine everything.the stories of both main characters are so wonderful, each could be a book of their own, but the parallels are perfect and create and a story told from varying perspectives by creating to opposing characters who are both so endearing, you want both of them survive and thrive and yet one is the enemy and one is the victim. i heard anthony doerr speak at the sun valley writers conference last summer, just after i had read this book and just after i returned from the normandy beaches, and i realized, he is an author, but he is a master at his craft, as this is really a treasure. must read.i had read 4 seasons in rome, another of his books and for some reason, even though i have lived in rome, i did not enjoy it as much.i am glad that this did not stop me from picking this up.

John swanson |

Magically poetic.

Magically poetic in his descriptions, mr. doerr creates a world of wonder and delight, dread and fear. the events and stories surrounding world war ii are boundless, but it becomes easy to assume that the characters in this story could have lived and experienced all that unfolds as you read this novel. i tend to keep reviews short because i am not writing a book but sharing my impression of one! so, if you wish to enjoy a story that will fill your heart and mind, engage your wonder and keep you believing that goodness can survive in a world turned upside down, here it is. my one disappointment is not in the telling, (magical as i said) it is that i could not step into the book and give warning or advise to the people i began to care about. live does not offer us that opportunity either and that, i think, is part of mr. doerr's message to us all.