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Annie1361 |

Amazon gift card

It was so quick and easy to buy a gift card online. i had my gift card printed out in less than five minutes!

Judith a. galdencio |

Merry christmas to me

I received a gift car from my daughter and family for christmas. i love finding and buying things on amazon. they have virtually everything you need. whenever i want to buy something, i always check amazon. many times you can find what you're looking for without paying shipping cost. thank you, angi. love, mom

Pt cruiser |

The easiest way to give a gift they can really use

It seems lately with so much purchasing being done online as well as in stores, that many people just order the things that they want because it's such an easy way to shop, especially with amazon. that can make it difficult to buy gifts for people because it's hard to figure out what they want that they don't already own. using an amazon gift card is so easy and amazon seems to carry everything these days. they have all the gifty type items, but did you know that they even have things like nutritional supplements and grout sealer? so you know when you give an amazon gift card that it will be used. (hopefully not for grout sealer!) i often purchase gift cards online and print them out on my computer which is what i did this time. just choose any dollar amount, pick a design for the card and purchase. you'll then get an email with the link to a card that you can print out and give to the person you're getting the gift for. it's easy to slip it into a card and you can print whatever you want on it. the gift recipient just enters the code number on the card into their amazon account and the money is there the next time they want to place an order. if they don't have an amazon account, it takes only a couple minutes to set one up. a great way to give a gift that you know will be used!