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Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Complete Book One Collection

Johnny grove |

Cartoon gold

I was very skeptical my first time watching this show, not wanting to participate in watching any kind of anime, however the second the first episode began i was entranced with the beautiful visuals and story. the character development was paced, balanced and well-written. the voice acting was superb and the show worked to create an incredible world filled with adventure, comedy and amazing elemental action.

Zipzinn |

Introduced to this show later in life - surprised by it.

A really enjoyable series. it has a fun side that appeals to the inner child but it deals with real issues and emotions at a surprisingly adult level.

D.r. johnson |


I love this show. i watched it with my eldest son and daughter when it first came out, and now i get to watch it with my youngest son all over again. we both look forward to sitting down and watching it together. it's such an epic show. everyone should give it a chance.