Brand : PB2

Bell Plantation Powdered PB2 Bundle: 1 Peanut Butter and 1 Chocolate Peanut Butter, 1 lb Jar (2-pack)

Fitness&anime |

Great for people who just can't get enough peanut butter ...

Great for people who just can't get enough peanut butter (like me). -make some pbj oats with bananas. -mix it with you're protein shake. -make a good ol' pbj sandwich. -mix you're freaking peanut butter with some real peanut butter and have a pb party. everything goes when you can get the same taste with 85% less fat.

G. edgett |

Excellent cheat product!

Amazing! i just joined weight watchers about a month ago and many fellow users had suggested the frozen bananas "ice cream". they also said they use a few tbsp of this processed and a tbsp of almond milk. honestly it tastes just like banana, peanut butter and chocolate ice cream! and has just 1 ww point! perfect for dessert or even a snack! this is a good way to purchase as well because the store bought pb2 is only 6.5 oz containers.

Adam |

Love it!

My wife and i both use this in our breakfast shake every morning! love it. it's delicious and lower in fat and calorie than the standard pb we were using. fantastic taste, no mess, easy to use and mixes like a dream!