Brand : CRYSTAL Deodorant

CRYSTAL BODY DEODORANT Stick - Unscented (4.25 Ounce)

Destineee |

I use this daily and have been for quite some ...

I use this daily and have been for quite some time. wish i would have known about this sooner! it is going to last me forever! it does seem to help with perspiration well i have don't have bo( at least that i know of).

E.m.b. |

Five stars

Simple, natural and effective. not just for underarms, either. i use it daily and it lasts for years!

Birona |

Shocked at how well this works when you put it on properly.

I've been using this for several days, and i'm really pleased to have a deodorant that works without potentially dangerous chemicals or added fragrances. just to note, while ammonium alum is a compound of aluminum, it is not a dangerous one - the compound is too large to be absorbed into the skin or blood stream. the dangerous compounds to avoid are aluminium chloride/chlorohydrate/zirconium - all about half the size of the ammonium alum and small enough to enter the body. aluminum chloride is the worst according to the ewg safety rating. ammonium alum in this deodorant scores about a 1 out of 10 on the safety rating - 0 being the safest and 10 being very hazardous. so this makes me feel confident about using this product in terms of safety. now about the results. the first day didn't work out so well when i moistened the stick and applied it to dry armpits. i could eventually smell myself and needed to use a backup to mask it. after reading reviews here, i made sure my armpits were moistened after washing and applied the dry stick to it, and that made a huge difference. i haven't had any trouble since. now i keep it near the shower, so i can apply it while toweling off. i also dry off the stick before putting it away. i thought i should mention that if you've freshly shaved your pits, it will likely sting a little during application. i consider this a disinfectant, since it's purpose is to create and maintain a bacteria-free zone. it ended a terrible itch caused by my last deodorant as well (never use dry idea stain clear roll on...hint hint). i'm an aspiring diy homemade personal care product person (ocm face care, no-poo hair care, etc.) and love to minimize ingredients... but i can be skeptical on what actually works with only a few ingredients when it's being sold at your everyday grocery store. the fact that this can last a year and work effectively seems too good to be true, but after using it for a week, i feel that i can really believe this claim. yay!