Brand : Christian Bale

Exodus: Gods and Kings

John mark |

I loved it. can't please everyone

I loved it. can't please everyone, so disregard the detractors. it's well made, and very gripping, romantic and thrilling. i look at it as sort of an inspiring fantasy /romance action movie. great reminder to stick to your guns and your "knowing", even in the face of all seeming adversity! i don't like christian bale much, so liking him in this is pretty surprising to me.

Jq16 |

I have to say i enjoyed this movie alot

I have to say i enjoyed this movie alot, aside from the obvious hollywood "whitewashing" and propoganda. great acting and directing. as for the actual blu ray 3d; its phenomenal! check this out if you havent yet

Jc l. |

Much more realistic version of moses era!

More realistic version with the moses era. the old version of the ten commandments was way too edited with charlston heston!