Brand : Neil Gaiman

M Is for Magic

Ssteussy |

This is my favorite book

I love this sprawling narrative and i have given this book to several people. this is easily my favorite book.

W. magnus |

One of the most engrossing books i've ever read.

This book sucked me in from page 1. i had to keep reading to find out where i was being taken with each page. shadow was such an awesome character that many times i felt like i knew this guy. gaiman shows us his mastery yet again.

Natalie parker |

I was not disappointed!

Neil gaiman has been my favorite author since i first found him. he has never disappointed me yet and this book is no different. although i would not recommended this particular book for young children, it read very fast and easily but did not fail to delight, surprise, and satisfy me. neil truly understands the power and magnitude of of words and will prove so in every story collected in this book. i will say that i did enjoy some of the stories more than others, but i did not dislike any of them in any way. my only complaint is that i wish there would have been more of it. i suppose the next best thing will be moving on to his next masterpiece.