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Much Ado about Nothing (Cambridge School Shakespeare) by William Shakespeare (1992-10-30)

Todd k. cameron |

I have been teaching "othello" for 12 years and this ...

I have been teaching "othello" for 12 years and this is by far the most scholarly and footnoted edition available. this edition footnotes not just their own editorial decisions but the history of editorial decisions from the quarto and folio. also, the introduction, which is almost 200 pages, details the performance and critical histories.


Best hamlet to buy

Definitely the best hamlet version to but. comprehensive notes both adjacent to the reading and longer notes in the back of the book. informative yet dry introduction. buy this version!

Kaream |

Yale's may be the best edition of macbeth

Virtually all editions of macbeth will have at least some annotations. rummaging through five different editions, i preferred the yale university press version, edited by burton raffel, as having the most comprehensive and comprehensible notes, as well as an excellent introduction to shakespeare's play. raffel not only explains the meanings of obscure words, but also gives brief notes pertaining to relevant history, geography, stage directions, etc, that are rarely addressed as fully by other editors. in addition, raffel frequently gives the proper way to stress the syllables in a line when reading it aloud, which can be extremely helpful. (however, in most places these stresses need to be very subtle, so that you don't sound like "tadum tadum tadum".) and yale's page layout is among the clearest that i've seen. (to find this edition: at avanced search, enter isbn 0300106548; or, enter macbeth as title, and either raffel as author or yale as publisher.) as a bonus, this edition includes at the back a long essay on the play by harold bloom. this is not an uninteresting commentary, but bloom desperately needs a good editor. his essay is not only at least three times longer than it should be, but is startlingly repetitious. yale would have been wise to have asked bloom for a rewrite.