Brand : Sakura

Sakura Pigma 50037 Micron Blister Card Ink Pen Set, Black, 03 6CT

Adra trout |

13 year old like trying these a lot.

Got these for my 13 year old granddaughter birthday, and she said she's really enjoying using them them. she has experienced other art media, but not pen and ink, so i wanted her to explore this, and she liked it. sorry, i couldn't get more details as i didn't try them myself.

Pixie lady |

The sakura pigma micron ink pen is my favorite

I have used this pen for years with my watercolors. i use either black or sepia. the sepia gives a softer look to my inking over watercolor & is a favorite. this size 0.25mm is the perfect size to use in inking for me. if i make a mistake i can easily repair the damage since the line is so fine. i can also make a wider line by going over it a few times. the ink is water fast, so i can actually do the inking before painting if i like. i have recently discovered water brushes & watercolor pencils. so i can do the inking & pencil & then do a quick wash over the whole thing. this is the perfect ink pen for my art.

Matt |

Love these pens.

Love these pens. i use them for taking notes in the margins of my bible and they work great. super fine and they don't bleed even through bible paper!