Brand : Taylors of Harrogate

Taylors of Harrogate Irish Breakfast, 50 Teabags

Weetabix |

Best cup of tea ever

This is the best cup of tea i've found, after trying many other english breakfast and assam varieties looking for a hearty, strong brew. it really is, as the advert says, rich and malty. this entirely satisfying tea will restore strength to the weary and provide them with the fortitude they need to get on with tasks that ordinary tea drinkers would find daunting and which would leave coffee drinkers edgy and confused.

Radar626 |

A lovely selection of flavorful teas

This was purchased as a gift for a friend who loves her tea. she was very happy with the selection in this box, and has enjoyed several flavorful cups so far. of the eight flavors included in this variety box, the assam tea is her favorite. she spent a year teaching in india, and since coming home has tried many different brands of assam tea. for her, the offering in this box from taylor comes the closest to the tea she remembers from india. the flavors come through as clear and pure, no odd artificial flavor aftertaste that can be found in lesser quality teas. the tea bags themselves allow for a good steep without letting bits of leaf seep out so the resulting cup of tea isn't cloudy or gritty. this box comes with 48 tea bags (six of each flavor) and is a good way to sample a variety of teas without committing to a box of one flavor only to find out you really don't like it. it's also a nice gift when combined with a pretty mug, shortbread or biscotti, and a great book.

Harken |

The best tea ever!

Earl grey is my favorite of the fragrant teas but i have to brag on taylor's of harrogate for producing such a consistently fine blend. i have purchase this for years from them and always love the boldness of the black teas blended with the perfect balance of bergamot - the fragrance is heavenly! i love the loose leaf because you get the fullest bodied flavor thought he bags will do in a pinch.